Structure & Composite Repair

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Structure & Composite Repair

From line maintenance to base servicing, from fleet management to technical control, our experts can offer through life support concept that will suite civil and military operators.

Our expertise includes non-destructive testing, repair, maintenance of composite structure. In addition, we offer supply service of raw material and consumable.

With certification from original equipment manufacturers for all repair levels, our qualified technicians carry out repairs in cases where others would be forced to scrap the component. This leads to cost and down time benefits for our Customers.

Metal Structure Repairs

Our composites specialists are here to provide you with high-quality services for structure, blade and other composite parts at low cost.

Our sheet metal professionals concentrate are qualified experts on airframe repairs and modifications. They take pride in their craftsmanship, excel in their profession, and are dedicated to your safety.

Our structural team can repair damage to your aircraft caused by:

  • Bird Strikes
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Gear-up Incidents
  • Fuel Leaks
  • Accidents
  • Hurricane Damage
  • Corrosion Repairs