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1.1. Position summary

  • Advise the Customer on how to inspects, troubleshoots, services and modifies helicopter aircraft systems.
  • Advise the Customer on how to maintain aircraft forms and records.
  • Performs crew chief, expediter, flight chief, line chief and maintenance staff functions.
  • Supervises helicopter and related support equipment maintenance activities.
  • Advise the Customer on how to inspect, modify, test, troubleshoot engines

1.2. Duties & Responsibilities

  • Advises on repairing, maintaining, servicing and inspecting helicopter aircraft and related support equipment
    • Supervises repair of component such as rotor heads, rotor blades, gearboxes, drive shafts, engines, landing gear, oil tanks, wheels, brakes, instruments, hoses, tubing and fuselage sections.
    • Advise test of components
    • Supervises adjustment, alignment, calibration of components to achieve maximum operating efficiency consistent with design characteristics
    • Provide guidance on helicopter modification aircraft according to applicable technical publications
  • Supervise helicopter mechanic activity
    • Plans and schedule work assignments
    • Assist in the performance of maintenance activity
  • Advises, performs troubleshooting and determines repair procedure on engines
  • Inspects and modifies engines

1.3. Qualification and experience

  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical principles
  • Interpretation of wiring diagrams
  • Engine principles
  • Use of layout drawings
  • Use of Technical Publications
  • Grade education with courses in mechanics, mathematics, general sciences or physics
  • Experience in performing function such as inspection, installation, repair, modification or overhaul of helicopter aircraft systems and components

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