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CAMO Aircraft Maintenance

CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) is the highest standard for aircraft airworthiness maintenance. There is nothing more important than the safety, and we provide all continued airworthiness support services either tailored to our Customer authorities or in accordance with international standards.

What does CAMO Include?

Our technical team monitor the aircraft's technical performance, maintain documentation, and regularly check compliance with the airworthiness standards. Our specialists will strictly monitor the technical condition of the aircraft and will promptly give instructions, the observance of which will be necessary to comply with our Customers authority regulations (either civil or military).

We provide a full range of CAMO services, which include:

  • Conducting preliminary audits for aircraft airworthiness compliance with the CAMO Standards.
  • Providing CAMO services for the civil or military operators. Carrying out maintenance long and short-term planning, AD&SB evaluation, Aircraft Maintenance Program Preparation, Reliability Report Development, Troubleshooting Guidance for Maintenance.
  • Populating customer Continuous Airworthiness System or supporting aircraft continuous airworthiness data migration from current in-use system to new system. On demand and after compliance demonstration, proposing deployment of our versatile Continuous Airworthiness System.