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Operational efficiency is the key to ensuring success in the Defence mission.

The overall goal of ASM is to provide defence solutions that simplify and harmonise combined operations. We specialise in interoperable systems that make missions more efficient and help provide our defence customers’ maximum operational effectiveness and return on investment. Our systems interact with others maximizing situation awareness and providing a combat advantage.

Tactical Communications & Command Systems

 Faced with multiple threats — terrorism, border disputes, natural disasters, etc, Armed Forces command chain relies on deployable and tactical communication capabilities to efficiently coordinate and conduct operations. ASM’s tactical communication solutions are robust and easy to deploy/redeploy wherever and whenever they are needed.

We enable Armed Forces with the ability to rapidly share vital information wherever they are and all along the command chain. Our tactical networks form an agile infrastructure that delivers seamless exchange of command information easing all sorts of communication irrespective of devices, networks and bandwidth constraints. These provide dependable access to high-data-rate connectivity in the battlespace and are easy to redeploy or adapt.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance systems

ASM address security, safety and environmental threats with airborne, maritime and land-based ISR solutions.

Our diverse range of ISR assets can be provided for manned and unmanned solutions are are adaptable to our customer’s mission with capabilities including:

  • Communications Intelligence (COMINT)
  • Electronics Intelligence (ELINT)
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Electro-Optic and Infra-Red
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • Custom Mission Data & Mapping
  • Multi-Station Networking for Remote Operations Command & Control Ground Services
  • SATCOM Communications & Full Motion Video
  • Tactical Data Link Communications
  • Post-Mission ISR Data Dissemination & Reporting

Protection and Mission Systems & Equipment

ASM provides a range of Combat Protective Equipment (CPE) including ballistic protection / riot and training equipment. Our supplied equipment is used by NATO forces, elite national counter terrorism units, law enforcement agencies, and correctional facility personnel across the world. ASM’s range of protective apparel includes overt and covert ballistic armour, riot armour, and protective gear for full-contact training.

In addition, ASM provides protective training gear designed to withstand the roughest of full-contact training sessions. Our suits are used daily by many satisfied law enforcement agencies worldwide. The ASM range includes hard contact training equipment that fully protects the officer wearing it.