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Market Intelligence

ASM provides entry solutions into new & unfamiliar markets with reliable business intelligence to avoid wasting resources & exposes risks. Our Market Intelligence solutions assists secure market-entry in the Middle East region. ASM’s services are based on combining human intelligence, market monitoring, market analysis, research & advisory services as well as consulting and competitive intelligence platform to support decision-making and strategic planning. We process local data on your behalf, drill down to the business intelligence that is relevant to your needs, and consult on how you can effectively manage and exploit this data.

We can access extensive databases on individuals in customer base, corporate/ government & industry. We also have a unique understanding of the Export Control Policies of several countries and advise on the best approach to secure successful procurement

  • Data on current & future requirements in Defence and Security
  • Competitive Intelligence and Analysis
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Teaming data
  • Military Market Analysis and Studies
  • Special Niche Market Research, Analysis and Forecasting
  • Export Control Policy
  • Anti-corruption regulations and enforcement
  • Competitive environment analysis and reports